Caroline Pidgeon and London Lib Dem manifesto launched

Caroline Pidgeon and London Liberal Democrats 2016 Mayor election manifesto

Today saw the manifesto launch for Caroline Pidgeon and the London Assembly team ahead of May’s elections. You can read the Lib Dem manifesto in full below.

In it Caroline Pidgeon says:

London is a great global city. We must strengthen and enhance its place as the capital city of the UK at the heart of Europe.

But London also needs to work for everyone – not just the lucky few who can afford to isolate themselves from the problems facing most Londoners. The reality today for too many is a crisis in housing, cuts in community policing, crowded and expensive public transport ill suited to London’s dynamic economy, overcrowded schools and inadequate childcare for working parents, made worse by the dangerously polluted air we all breathe.

The Liberal Democrats have a positive and ambitious vision for a better London. Radical and realistic, a Liberal London would be fairer and greener, made possible because it is safer.

Meanwhile, the BBC had this to say:

Liberal Democrat mayoral candidate Caroline Pidgeon has promised an “Olympic effort” to rejuvenate London’s housing by 2020.

Ms Pidgeon plans to retain the annual £20 Olympic precept set up ten years ago and channel it into house-building.

Launching her party’s manifesto, she said it would pay for 50,000 council homes and 150,000 homes to rent…

She said the Olympic precept element of council tax would also be used to set up a Greater London Authority run construction company to build new homes, and a construction academy to train young Londoners in planning and construction skills.

Other plans in the manifesto include:

  • One hour bus ticket
  • Half-price fares before 07:30 for people using Transport for London Tube and rail services
  • Recruiting 3,000 extra police to focus on transport hubs
  • Additional childcare for parents working long hours and training more child minders.

Ms Pidgeon described herself as “optimistic about the future, and about the power of the mayoral office to make a difference to every Londoner’s life”.

Sign up here to back Caroline Pidgeon’s campaign for London Mayor.

Caroline Pidgeon and London Lib Dems manifesto

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