Lib Dem candidate numbers show welcome recovery from last year

In the 2015 local elections in England, the Liberal Democrats stood only half the number of candidates that the Conservatives stood (50% to be precise) and 61% of the number which Labour stood.

This year those numbers are up – from 50% to 68% for the Lib Dem versus Tory comparison, and from 61% to 67% for the Lib Dem versus Labour comparison.

That is a very welcome recovery, although there is still a little way to go to get back to where the Liberal Democrats were in 2012 (when the bulk of this year’s seats were last contested). Then the figures were 72% (Conservative) and 73% (Labour).

Or in other words, the Liberal Democrats are recovering but there is still a long way to go.

One way you can help boost that recovery is by showing your friends that you are voting Liberal Democrat by signing up for the ‘I’m voting Lib Dem’ Facebook event.

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