Conservative councillor and MP’s caseworker switches to the Lib Dems

Good news from Yeovil:

A caseworker for Yeovil’s Conservative MP Marcus Fysh – herself a councillor at South Somerset District Council – has defected from the Tories and joined the Liberal Democrats.

Cllr Amanda Broom has vowed that nothing will change in her determination to make a difference to her local community… She has also quit her post as a member of staff of Marcus Fysh’s team – the Conservative MP for the Yeovil constituency…

In a prepared statement Cllr Broom said: “I have been increasingly concerned over the current Government’s direction of travel to the right and the potential impact of these policies on my ward members – in particular – those on low pay, long term ailments or disabilities.

“I am also disappointed with the Government’s lack of foresight with regards to sustainable environmental policies including renewable energy.

“It has now reached the point where I am not comfortable supporting or representing the Conservative Party and many of its policies at a national level, hence my decision to leave and move across to the Liberal Democrats.

“In my opinion the Liberal Democrats better reflect a more balanced approach to dealing with the deficit, whilst protecting those in our society less able to survive the increasing division between those who have and those who have not.”

What particularly caught my eye in this story is that Amanda Broom is giving up her job as a result of her decision to switch parties. That is quite a sacrifice to make and puts this in a different category from the ‘someone has just been sacked as a candidate and then switches party’ defection stories.

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