My first five emails on Gmail

Triggered by a comment from Rob Fenwick, I thought I’d look up the very first five emails I sent or received.

As you can see, they are deeply, deeply I say, atypical of what I get up to:

  • A reply from the BBC to a complaint about several editions of Question Time in a row not featuring any Liberal Democrats. (See one of my posts on the long-running issue for some background.)
  • An email about a bug in EARS. (EARS was the elections database program used by Lib Dems, subsequently replaced by Connect. During one Parliamentary by-election I reported so many bugs that we ‘broke the alphabet’ going from version A to version Z and beyond of the then current release.)
  • Two emails with facts to substantiate some comments about to be made about an opponent during an election campaign.
  • Email to Heinz, complaining about their decision to pull a TV advert showing two men kissing after complaints from some customers: “If people had objected to a TV advert simply because it contained black people would you have withdrawn it?” Shocking to be reminded of Heinz’s behaviour on this, especially as I didn’t start using Gmail in the 1950s.

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