Three candidates, one name – a little problem for voters in Romania

Voters in one Romanian town face a potentially confusing trip to the polls on Sunday, as the three candidates for mayor all share the same name, it’s reported.

The incumbent mayor in Draguseni, Vasile Cepoi, is seeking a fourth term in office, but is facing a challenge from two other Vasile Cepois, the Jurnalul national daily reports. Council official Viorel Munteanu says the three men aren’t related, and that Vasile is simply a popular Romanian moniker and Cepoi is a common name in the region. The unusual situation “guarantees Vasile Cepoi” a win, the paper says…

Being a seasoned politician, the current mayor has taken practical steps to head off any confusion by adding his nickname to the ballot paper. He’ll now appear as “Vasile Lica Cepoi”. [BBC]

Similar previous problems (such as when there were two Ted Heaths on the ballot paper) are a large part of the reason why in British elections candidate can use their nicknames, have a party name and also use a party logo on the ballot paper.

Put all three of those together and it is unlikely that there will be genuine confusion for voters.

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