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Welcome to my email service Polling UnPacked. This brings you the best and latest news about British political opinion polling from a range of different experts direct to your inbox:

Polling UnPacked is different in two key ways from my range of other email lists. First, it’s a carefully curated selection of stories from others, with just the occasional story from myself. I’ve also gone for including stories from sites which are generally fairly low volume in their posting – i.e. just the sort of sites where you might overlook the existence of a new post unless you receive a notification.

Second, Polling UnPacked is deliberately pitched for a wider interest – this isn’t just about polling which focuses on the Lib Dems.

All the entries in the email link straight through to the posts on their original sites. There will be no more than one email a day and many days there will be no email.

I hope you find this email service useful.

It’s very easy to give it a trial run – just sign up, and there’s an unsubscribe option in every email so you can stop them at any point you choose.

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