The mixed messages of Philip Green

Philip Green is very good at two things: minimising his personal tax bills and minimising his firm’s costs. Hence my comment for PR Week:

Pack said: ‘It seems his appointment and the work of the team have produced some good advice.

‘But his own aggressive approach to minimizing the tax he pays himself sends out a slightly discordant message.

‘People may say the way to save the Government money is to get people like Mr Green to pay more tax.’

You can read the full PR Week story here.

Philip Green’s report into saving government money


3 responses to “The mixed messages of Philip Green”

  1. I really do not approve of him suggesting that the government delays making payments as one of his “efficiencies”. Rather than the public sector follow suit, I would suggest it would be better of the private sector copied the government instead.

  2. It’s not a policy I would like to see adopted (as you say this is something the private sector should follow more that the other way round).

    However it does suggest that he has done what he was asked – which was find areas where efficiency savings could be made. There is no need to follow everything he says.

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