Liberal Democrat Party Awards: get your nominations in

From the Liberal Democrat website comes news of the latest party awards, which are now done at both federal conferences in a year. Different awards are presented at each:

Party Awards recognise publicly those who have given the party outstanding service and commitment in the past year. They are presented at Conference  and each winner receives a trophy to keep. 

You can watch last autumn’s presentation ceremony here and last Spring’s awards here.

We present three awards at Spring Conference, and five at Autumn Conference. You can nominate someone by clicking here. The upcoming awards are:

The Leader’s Award

Eligibility: Any member of the party. 

Criteria: Awarded to those who have shown exemplary leadership skills while working or volunteering for the Party. Ranging from long-standing service at the Head of a Council, to effective rallying of new and exciting campaigns for the Party, or even guiding a local Party through a difficult time, anyone is eligible and the Party seeks to recognise leadership in all of its shapes and sizes. Make a nomination here

The Bertha Bowness Fischer Award 

Background: This award is named for the Country’s first woman to become a qualified election agent – who as a Liberal is a testament to our traditions of equality, inclusion and campaigning rigour. 

Eligibility: Any newer (less than two years) member of the Party.

Criteria: Awarded to those who have shown outstanding energy and/or ingenuity in supporting  their new-found political home. It seeks to welcome those people who may well be the future of the Party, no matter their background. It is named for a trailblazer for women in not just liberal, but all politics, and recognises the contributions of new friends from outside of politics and from other parties alike. Make a nomination here.

The Albert Ingham Award

Background: This award is named for one of the Party’s great Election Agents, Albert Ingham. Albert’s work, much of it in his home county of Yorkshire, was prodigious and his impact on the Party ranged from organising to fundraising to promoting fresh talent. 

Eligibility: Any election agent or senior member of a campaign team.

Criteria: Awarded to those whose most recent campaign, through its excellence, fastidiousness, tenacity or novelty has been a model for others to follow. Make a nomination here.

The Laura Grimond award

Background: The Baroness Grimond is named for a woman who, as the Independent put it, was dedicated to promoting “political pluralism without seeking publicity for herself’. Lady Grimond reminds us all that some of the most crucial work, by the best of us, takes place outside of the limelight.

Eligibility: This award is given to recognise and celebrate the efforts of people working for the Party at a Federal, State, Regional, or Parliamentary/Scottish Parliamentary/Senedd level. It is a sister award to the Belinder Eyre-Brook award, which recognises local and community staff/campaigners. 

Criteria: The winner of this award will have shown exceptional commitment to their duties within the Party, going above and beyond to advance the cause. This award particularly aims to recognise the unsung work which enables our front-line campaigns to steal the show. Make a nomination here.

More details about the individual awards and who is eligible can be found here.

Candidates must themselves be party members, and be nominated and seconded by two further party members.

What is the deadline and when will I find out?

Nominations will close on Friday February 25th at 23:59.

All nominators will receive confirmation of their nomination shortly thereafter. If your nominee is selected for an award, they and you will be informed by March 7th.

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