Exciting news (if you visit Stroud Green Road)

The stretch of Stroud Green Road near Wall Court (opposite Tesco) is notorious for dreadful drainage, with huge pools of water long after it stops raining and the splashes from passing traffic making the pavement on the east/north side more like a bad funfair game than somewhere sensible to walk.

Stroud Green Road drainage

I’ve been intermittently pursuing this issue for years in amongst the other issues in my one-man public infrastructure investment drive, and finally – result. Here is what Islington Council has told me:

We are now making arrangements for our contractor to excavate and renew the connection to the sewer.

This is a major job which will involve digging a shaft 6-7m down and driving a heading of approximately 4m to connect to the sewer.

This may take around 4 to 6 weeks to complete and will create quite a bit of disruption on this busy route.

We are in process of obtaining a permit for these works and I will let you know when these works are due to commence, we will be notifying the businesses and residents in due course.

Another occasion when I’ll need to perfect my innocent whistling look when walking past traffic jams caused by construction work I just may have had a hand in triggering…

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