Prime Minister Corbyn: And Other Things That Never Happened

Prime Minister Corbyn and other things that never happened - book coverOut on 25 August is Prime Minister Corbyn and other things that never happened, Duncan Brack and Iain Dale’s latest assembly of political what-ifs.

Their previous Prime Minister Boris and other things that never happened had a title that looked a little risky for a while but now seems safe once more.

This time’s title is looking safe too and my own contribution is ‘what if Chris Huhne had defeated Nick Clegg in the 2007 Lib Dem leadership contest?’

You can pre-order the book now.

Here’s a taster of what you will get aside from my chapter:

Enter a world of political counterfactuals, twenty-six expert examinations of things that never happened (or likely never will) – but easily could have if events had so conspired.

In this book, a collection of distinguished commentators, including journalists, academics, former MPs and special advisers, consider how things might have turned out differently throughout a century of political history – from a permanent union between France and the UK in 1940, to Reagan and Thatcher being assassinated in 1981 and 1984 respectively, and, looking into the future, Jeremy Corbyn becoming Prime Minister in 2020.

Includes what would have happened if:

Gladstone had drowned in 1885?

Britain went Blackshirt in 1934?

Labour had won the 1951 election?

Britain had lost the Falklands War?

German reunification had never happened?

The UK had joined the Euro?

Yevgeny Primakov rather than Vladimir Putin had succeeded Boris Yeltsin as Russian President in 2000?

Gordon Brown had become Prime Minister in 2004?

David Miliband had beaten Ed to the Labour leadership in 2010?

David Cameron had sacked George Osborne in 2011?

Scholarly analyses of possibilities and causalities take their place beside enthralling fictional accounts of alternate political histories – and all are guaranteed to entertain and make you think.

One to add to your shelf next to Political Marketing and the 2015 UK General Election and 101 Ways To Win An Election perhaps…

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