Lib Dems gain seat in Northampton from Tories with huge 33% swing

Brian Markham and his Lib Dem team
The good news in council by-elections keeps on coming.

Congratulations this time to Brian Markham and the team in Westone, Northampton on their stunning result.

Brian was a borough councillor for the area from 1993 until 2011. For once the old canvassing tweet cliche was true:

Elsewhere the results so far are the classic mixed bag for the Liberal Democrats.

A big vote increase and near win in East Devon, a promising big vote increase and second place in Tandridge, two other thirds with a vote increase, a very distant second (with a candidate, unlike last time), a fourth with a small vote increase, a third and a falling vote in Hackney, and three with no Lib Dem candidate.

Or of the eleven contests, make that three very good results, four small steps forward and four poor results. Spotty progress, and hence the problem with Premature Stakhanovite Optimism.

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