Tim Farron: Turmoil makes case for voting reform

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron has been writing for the Yorkshire Post:

The letters page of the Yorkshire Post … has been bursting with debate on the need for electoral reform in the light of Brexit and the divided state of our country.

It is normally Liberal Democrats accused of talking too much about electoral reform, so it has been quite a surprise to see such enthusiasm for a subject often considered pretty dry beyond the boundaries of Westminster. But actually, is it any wonder the mood is changing?…

The Conservatives, remember, won less than 37 per cent of the vote and less than a quarter of those entitled to vote. Many have simply given up voting in general elections because they live in safe Tory or Labour seats where they don’t feel their vote will count.

Contrast that with the referendum campaign when a higher than average 72 per cent of the electorate voted. Especially encouraging were the vast numbers of young people who turned out – 73 per cent to Remain – when traditionally it has been harder to engage first time voters. That is because people realised every vote counted, and could really change the outcome.

Read the full piece here.

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