Another day, another Lib Dem council gain on a huge swing

After the unusual sequence of a Tuesday by-election (good Lib Dem result) and then a Wednesday by-election (even better Lib Dem result) this week, Thursday brought a more usual round of by-elections.

A spectacular gain in Cornwall:

Congratulations Maggie Vale. Among the defeated candidates was a former Lib Dem running as an independent, continuing the pattern in the south west of ex-Lib Dems doing badly when running under another label.

A good hold in Newport, South Wales, with a big swing from Labour:

The winner, Carmel Townsend is the widow of Ed, whose death triggered the by-election.

A clear hold in Sutton, with the Lib Dem vote up but majority down:

A second place again in Harringay, with unusually both the Labour and Lib Dem vote going up by the same amount:

Then an interesting result in Droitwich, with the Lib Dems standing a candidate this time, unlike last time (hooray), but more significantly in a Tory-Labour marginal, the Labour vote fell as the Tories held the seat by a decent margin:

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