Corbyn admits: yes, there were seats but I chose not to use them

Phew, finally looks like truth about Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn and train seats looks to be clear. Mostly.

He and his team has admitted there were spare seats on the Virgin train which he could have sat in, but he chose not to use them as he wanted two seats next to each other to be able to sit with his wife.

In itself, a perfectly reasonable choice, but also very different from how Corbyn and his team presented the original imagery of him sitting on the floor in the train, which was about how there were not any seats available and the train was ‘ram packed’.

What is also still a bit of a mystery is why (a) free seat reservations were not used by him – you can reserve a seat for free if you book your ticket in advance and he was going to an event that had been scheduled well in advance, and (b) why the references to how Corbyn did not want to spend taxpayer money on upgrading to first class. As he was travelling to a Labour Party internal election hustings, rather than on official MP or Leader of the Opposition business, why would taxpayer money be involved at all?



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