Lib Dem tip #1: Want to know what’s happening with making new policies?

Welcome to my series of tips and advice for Liberal Democrat members, which appear first in the email bulletin run by London Region for party members.

Finding out about Liberal Democrat policymaking

Much of the work of making Lib Dem policy takes place in our policy working groups. These are set up to cover specific areas and run for many months (usually over a year), reporting back to the party’s federal conferences. Throughout their lifespan, there are plenty of opportunities for party members to take part – but you need to know what policy groups are running and what stage they are at!

To find out what policy working groups are running, and the stage they are at, you can you use the policy group tracker at www.libdems.org.uk/policy-working-groups.

There is also a Facebook group to keep up with news from the party’s Federal PolicyCommittee (FPC) and ask questions about its work: www.facebook.com/groups/federalpolicycommittee/.

You can read the full set of tips for Lib Dem party members here.

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