My letter in today’s Independent

Mark Pack letter in The Independent
Sean O’Grady and others have focused in on how much money may or may not be saved in the government’s cull of quangos. It’s an interesting question for sure, but misses the reason many people have long wanted to cut the number of quangos.

Since the 1970s, many have rightly warned how the transfer of powers to quangos undermines democratic accountability and builds up a large slice of the public sector that is firmly insulated from the public. The major cull of quangos is a very welcome reversal of that long-term trend, taking power away from the unaccountable and putting it into the hands of those we can vote in or out. If that saves any money as well, it’s a bonus.

Yours etc.

The most excellent cartoon next to my letter will have generated rather more interest I suspect…!

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