Lib Dem tip #2: A great summary of what the Lib Dems believe, and why

Welcome to the latest in my series of tips and advice for Liberal Democrat members, which appear first in the email bulletin run by London Region for party members.

What Lib Dems believe, and why

Lurking in the slightly obscure corner of chapter 2 of a policy consultation paper published for the spring 2016 conference is the best recent summary of what Liberal Democrats believe and why. Not a list of policies of the sort found in manifestos and on websites aplenty, but an explanation of the underlying beliefs – yet which also sticks to clear English.

The ten pages of generously spaced text range from John Stuart Mill to the Green Investment Bank.

Here is that consultation paper – and chapter 2 starts on page 6.


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UPDATE: There’s now a brilliant expression of the vision the Lib Dems have for the future of our country, published by Your Liberal Britain.

You can read the full set of tips for Lib Dem party members here.

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