Dramatic Liberal Democrat gain from 4th place in Sheffield

Gail Smith and the Sheffield Lib Dem team

Pre-2010 this was a Labour / Lib Dem ward with the Lib Dems winning out in 2008, but then the Lib Dem slide started with Labour winning in May 2010. By 2014 the Lib Dems were third and in 2015 fourth. No longer. Congratulations Gail Smith, who previously had been a councillor for this ward 2008-12.

Note again the slump in the Ukip vote, this time in a ward where the party had moved up to being the challenger to Labour in recent years.

Momentum, by the way, was busy on the phones in Sheffield on polling day – but their team of 40 plus people were canvassing for Jeremy Corbyn rather than in the by-election:

Elsewhere, there was no Lib Dem candidate in Mansfield or Barrow-in-Furness:

In Shepway, the team did put up a candidate, but they finished last with a falling vote:

Overall then, some good news yet also many reminders of how much more there is still to do for the Liberal Democrats to have a recovery that lasts and is substantial. The answer to that challenge is Targeting Plus…

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