What Conservative HQ staff think of Osborne’s tax plans

So, George Osborne wants to change the tax arrangements of non-domiciled residents.

Bit of a problem really that CCHQ staff think the following then:

A change in the tax status of non-domiciled resident individuals will devastate the London shipping business centred on the Baltic Exchange, cost thousands of City jobs, destroy London’s position as the international centre for shipping, undermine its ability to attract key foreign personnel in all its other areas of activity and result in a lower, not a higher, tax take for the Exchequer.

And who is it that thinks that? Well, it’s a quote from the Evening Standard approvingly reproduced in a document with Gavin Barwell’s name on it (he’s the man who runs the Ashcroft-funded Conservative key seats operation).


Oh ok … I admit it. This document isn’t from this week, but rather from a previous CCHQ produced glossy colour leaflet attacking the Liberal Democrat tax plans. As I type this, it’s up on the Conservative Party website.

Perhaps time to remove it, do you think? Though if they do, you can still get it from my copy here.

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