First election win in Kettering since 1999 for Lib Dems

My round-ups of by-election results are usually restricted to those to principal councils, i.e. excluding town, parish and community councils. That is because the latter are often fought on a non-political basis. It is the norm amongst all analysts who tally by-elections to exclude them. Look at any council by-election table knocking around and it’ll exclude those.

But just occasionally an exception to this consensus is worth making because one of those other by-elections has been so striking. This time it is the Lib Dem win in the Burton Latimer Town Council, where victory for Jenny Davies, previously deputy leader of Luton Borough Council, makes it the first council election of any sort won by the Lib Dems in the Kettering constituency since 1999.

As an added twist:

Jenny Davies and team in KetteringFull result (for two vacancies):

Jenny Davies 597 (elected)
Ind 564 (elected)
Ind 328
Lab 289
Turnout 15.4%

Lib Dem GAIN from Independent.

Vote change from 2015 byelection:

Lib Dem 41% (+41%)
Ind 39% (-10%)
Lab 20% (+2%)
[UKIP 0% (-31%)]

Note, once again, the poor Ukip performance too.

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