Liberal Democrat membership hits record in Liverpool

It’s a wonder what Jeremy Corbyn can do for participation in politics as the cheeky Liverpool Lib Dem team and their recruitment stand outside the Labour conference have demonstrated:

As Liverpool Lib Dem leader Richard Kemp said just ahead of Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election:

Liverpool’s Lib Dem leader says the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader will “allow the Tories to wreak havoc in our economy and destroy much needed services”…

“As a citizen of the UK and Liverpool I regret that the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn will shortly be announced.

“As a Lib Dem however I am delighted. I say this because I have seen it all before.

“In the 80s Corbynism was known as Militant. Mindless and unrealistic opposition to a government with nothing to offer as an alternative dragged this city down for two decades.”

Nor is the Liberal Democrat local part in Liverpool alone in its membership growth:

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