Alas, the person talking about how “London Jews” funded a leadership campaign is a Lib Dem

Oh dear:

The Liberal Democrat party is being pressured to take disciplinary action against a former MP who posted a series of antisemitic tweets.

Matthew Gordon Banks, who served as a Conservative MP for Southport before joining the Liberal Democrat party after he lost his seat, wrote on Twitter: “What fascinates me is that Farron’s leadership campaign was organised and funded by London Jews.”

Shortly afterwards, he tweeted: “I tried to work with them. Very difficult.”

When challenged over his “disgusting” remarks by another Twitter user, Mr Banks replied: “I don’t care. It is not good for Farron to be funded and supported by one religious group.” [Jewish Chronicle]

The reference to “one religious group” is particularly odd because of course Tim Farron is known, even well-known, for being a staunch Christian and has at time faced questions about some of the Christian sources of support for him. To therefore claim that he is being funded and supported only by Jewish people is rather at variance with the facts… and indeed with what I know of the religious views of the key people who organised Tim Farron’s campaign. They have a mix of religious and non-religious views.

Here are screenshots of some of the tweets in question:

Matthew Gordon Banks Tweets

Matthew Gordon Banks Tweets 2

UPDATE: His membership has been suspended, pending a disciplinary hearing.

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