Labour councillors, candidates and a peer quit party after Corbyn’s re-election

The following resignations of Labour councillors following Jeremy Corbyn’s reelection as leader have been spotted so far:

  1. “Two Welsh councillors have resigned from the Labour Party, saying the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn has made it unelectable. Nigel Dix and Allan Rees, who both represent Blackwood on Caerphilly County Borough Council, plan to set up their own local party.” [Wales Online]
  2. “The leader of Portsmouth City Council’s Labour group has resigned from the party following Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election. John Ferrett had been a member of the party for 27 years and stood in general elections in 2010 and 2015.” [BBC] (The local Labour Party co-chair has also quit Labour.)
  3. “A solicitor and councillor for Barrow Borough has made the bold decision to resign as a member of the Labour party in protest against Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election. Councillor Sean Harkin will continue to serve his constituents in Dalton North but will stand as an independent councillor after becoming disillusioned with the party he has been a member of since he was 15.” [North-West Evening Mail]
  4. “Folkestone councillor Cllr Claire Jeffrey, who is Jewish, announced she was resigning her membership at the weekend, saying she could no longer represent a party which ‘tolerates anti-Semitism’.” [Kent Online]
  5. Andrew Lomas, who was deputy leader of the Labour group in Kensington and Chelsea, has joined the Liberal Democrats.
  6. “A senior Labour Leicestershire county councillor has quit the party after Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected as its leader. Leon Spence has said it would be ‘grossly hypocritical’ of him to fall in behind Mr Corbyn having been a vocal critic since he was elected last for the first time last year.” [Leicester Mercury]

Labour Parliamentary candidate resignations

  • Richard Wilson (Guildford, 2015) has resigned from the Labour Party: “The party has been captured by hard left and fatally damaged. I’m not an extremist” [Eagle Radio].
  • David Hough (Rayleigh and Wickford, 2015) has quit Labour.
  • Edward Robinson (Broxbourne, 2015) has joined the Liberal Democrats: “Labour’s continued existence is now actually frustrating the cause of progressive politics”.

Labour peer resignations

  • “A Labour peer is set to resign in protest at Jeremy Corbyn’s re-election as party leader over his handling of alleged anti-Semitism among some members. Lord Mitchell, who is Jewish, previously branded an inquiry launched by Mr Corbyn earlier this year a “whitewash” and vowed to quit the party if he won he leadership contest.” [The Independent]

Spotted any others? Do let me know and I’ll update this list.

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