Another double Lib Dems gain from Tories kicks off by-election results

Another Lib Dem win with a big vote increase to kick off the results from the eight by-elections today. Congratulations Adrian England and his team:

Most unusually, up to and including 2011 this ward was a Conservative versus Labour battle, but a 2013 Lib Dem by-election win from third place was followed in 2015 by the ward being split one Lib Dem, one Conservative in the elections. Now it is all Lib Dem.

Just a few minutes after this result, in came another Lib Dem gain from the Tories, making this week a repeat of last week’s double gain from the Tories:

There was also a good solid Lib Dem hold in North Norfolk in what had been a solidly Conservative ward until the Lib Dems gain it for the first time in May 2015 – making this one of the very rare sites of Liberal Democrat progress in that month:

Derby has held its by-election to replace the Conservative councillor convicted of election fraud. Good to see a Lib Dem move back into a good second, in a ward where the party has at its best in the past only got as far up as a bit of a distant second.

Also good to see a Lib Dem candidate this time round in Wellingborough, especially as the ward has not previously had a Lib Dem candidate since creation in 2003:

Elsewhere there was what seemed a promising result in Blackpool, but was actually a reporting error with Lib Dem and Ukip swapped round. Here are the correct figures:

There was, at least a Lib Dem candidate there. Not so in Lincolnshire:

Or in Blaenau Gwent:

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