Liberal Democrats gain council seat from Tories in Poole

A Lib Dem gain again from the Tories this week and great to see a full set of Liberal Democrat candidates in this week’s set of nine principal local authority by-elections.

Elsewhere, it was a case of a couple of solid Lib Dem holds up in the north west, but otherwise the sort of widespread low vote shares in many wards which show how much there is still to do for the Liberal Democrats to recover.

This gain came in a multi-member ward which split Lib Dem – Tory last time with Lib Dems topping the poll (hence the percentage figures above). It was a much closer contest when the ward was split, so a strong swing to the Lib Dems in any case.

The new Liberal Democrat councillor is Vikki Slade, who stood unsuccessfully in Annette Brooke’s old seat of Mid Dorset and North Poole at the 2015 general election

An honourable mention too for a particularly stunning town council result:

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