Cardiologist leaves Labour and backs Liz Leffman in Witney

Cardiologist Malcolm Finlay has left Labour and is backing Liz Leffman in the Witney by-election. He had a go too at handing back his Labour membership card to the visiting Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn:

Meanwhile, Liz Leffman has also won the backing of the European Movement:

Witney has the opportunity to show that pro- Europeans cannot be ignored. For a committed pro-European such as Liz to win the seat formerly held by the man who called the referendum that went so disastrously wrong would be a clarion call for pro-Europeans.

People in Witney voted by a clear majority (55%) to Remain. It is essential that Witney has a pro-European voice in Parliament, holding this ‘Brexit’ government to account. Liz should be that voice.

We are a cross party organisation, however, we believe only one pro-European candidate can win, and in this election we feel that Liz Leffman stands the best chance.

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