Justin Timberlake in hot water over polling station selfie

Justin Timberlake Polling Station Selfie
It’s not only in the UK where taking a polling station selfie can cause legal problems:

Justin Timberlake has been spared a brush with the law after a picture he posted of himself voting caught the attention of Tennessee authorities.

The actor and pop star uploaded a picture to Instagram of him casting a ballot in Memphis.

It became illegal to take photos inside polling locations in Tennessee in 2015. [BBC]

Elsewhere in the US, however, there is pressure to change such laws:

A trio of New Yorkers are suing the Board of Elections in hopes of making it perfectly legal to snap a selfie in a voting booth — which is a big no-no in the Empire State and elsewhere around the country.

The suit, filed Wednesday in Manhattan federal court, argues that “ballot selfies” — or the act of taking a photo with a ballot and then publishing it on social media — should be allowed on election day because they are a valid expression of one’s first amendment rights…

Since 1909, it’s been illegal to take pictures of a marked ballot while voting in New York and at least 15 other states. Those who are caught doing so could face up to a year behind bars and a $1,000 fine. [New York Post]

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