Probably the best UK political movie for YouTube I’ve seen

Non-Liberal Democrats will probably appreciate some of the qualities of this film from Lib Dem President candidate Tim Farron, but may wonder why I’m quite so effusive about it. That’s because in addition to its obvious qualities for an outsider, it is also a very skilfully presented piece that hits just the right messages for the electorate Tim is trying to appeal to.

It is also a film which, by showcasing Tim’s passion and oratorical skills, does something that only a film can do. Often YouTube political films are people talking to camera in a way that makes only limited use of the the fact that you’ve got moving colour pictures. (I plead guilty to often doing that, which is part of the reason why I admire the way Tim’s film makes use of the medium so well whilst still being low budget.) But also there are some great YouTube political films which are great because they use a large budget or reuse content intended for elsewhere, such as a party political broadcast or editing together footage from the TV.

I also like the movie because it doesn’t just lapse into lower common denominator messaging – “vote for me, I’m nice, I work hard” – but gives a core reason for voting for him that is sufficiently clear and stark that it will put off some other people. That’s his focus on being a Party President who would be appearing in the media all the time as a spokesperson for Liberal Democracy. Not everyone shares this view of the role of the President by any means, so it is refreshing to see that debatable point put at the heart of the movie rather than lots of motherhood and apple pie stuff.

Tim Farron’s film has been winning plaudits from across the political specturm.

In terms of impact on the relevant electorate per pound spent , I struggle to think of a better UK political clip on YouTube than this one:

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