Sal Brinton re-elected unopposed as Lib Dem President

As I tipped in Lib Dems set for new Party President election and the winner is likely to be… (spoiler: obvious answer coming), incumbent Sal Brinton has indeed been re-elected as Liberal Democrat President for a further (and final) two year term of office.

If you are a party member and wondering why you haven’t seen any ballot papers for this contest, that is because she has been re-elected unopposed. Here’s what Sal said on the news of her re-election:

I am honoured to be returned unopposed for my second term as President of the Liberal Democrats. The growth and revitalisation of the party remains my top priority and I will continue to work with members across England, Scotland and Wales.

The Liberal Democrats are needed now more than ever. We are the real opposition to this Conservative Brexit Government and are the only party fighting to keep Britain open, tolerant and united.

My first and urgent priority is to get Sarah Olney elected in Richmond Park and I am encouraged by the response we are getting from residents to her strong campaign. I will be there again on Sunday and look forward to joining hundreds of Liberal Democrat supporters helping Sarah.

With no opposition, there was not much of an election campaign, but in her initial campaigning it was notable the priority which she gave to continuing the work of the Governance Review, and in particular to see changes made to the way the Liberal Democrats are organised in England.

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