Lib Dem vote up in all four by-elections

Four council by-elections this week, three Labour defences and one Conservative defence – and with a Liberal Democrat candidate in every single one.

The results coming in kicked off with two Labour holds, both in seats where the Liberal Democrat vote was up, over-taking the Greens, but a long way off winning:

Here’s the campaign video which the Wandsworth candidate, Richard Davis, produced:

Labour lost the third seat it was defending, this one in Greenwich:

The Liberal Democrat vote was up again, with the Greens overtaken again and a large fall in the Ukip vote.

Over in the Conservative seat, the party held it – again with the Lib Dem vote up. Note too the big fall in Ukip’s vote again.

Way back in 2003 this used to be a Liberal Democrat held ward, making the result a classic illustration of how some recovery is happening and there’s an awful lot more still to go.

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