So I guess Harriet Harman fell asleep during Ed Miliband’s speech…

After all, how else to explain Ed Miliband in his speech on being elected Labour Party leader disparaging people who used terms such as “Red Ed” – saying “Come off it. Let’s start to have a grownup debate in this country” – and then Harriet Harman today going for her own bit of ‘red’ political labelling, calling Danny Alexander a giant ginger rodent?

After all, to ignore her own party leader’s call for people to grow up would be a bit of a snub for Ed Miliband from Harriet Harman. So she must have fallen asleep and not heard him say that. Right?

Nice response on Twitter from Danny himself by the way:

UPDATE: More on this story over on Andrew Reeves’s blog, including the news that Harriet Harman has sent a press officer off to apologise on her behalf.

2 responses to “So I guess Harriet Harman fell asleep during Ed Miliband’s speech…”

  1. It wasn’t a nice response. It called for another political party – one which did a hell of a lot better than his and yours (and formerly mine) did in the recent elections – to disappear. How is that grown up?

    I’ll repeat here my response to that tweet: Danny Alexander, and in fact the whole damned Liberal Democrat party, lost their sniping rights at Labour the second they signed up to the Continuity Conservative Coalition.

    With a very few exceptions, most of which seem to have come from Ken Clarke, the coalition have picked up Labour’s worst excesses and run with them, coming up with a few new ones of their own as they went. Killing ID cards does not make up for the pointless, redundant and cruel persecution of every disabled person in the country – and I seem to recall Danny Alexander having something to say about that before he got a sniff of power. Now, it appears, he has better uses for his time and voice – like the defence of rodents.

    Nor, for that matter, does it make up for the fact that the British government is still operating concentration camps for those who escaped from countries which aren’t considered *quite* dangerous enough. And, still, their children.

    Granted, it’s virtually impossible to be in politics without being a rank hypocrite, but the speed and brazenness with which the Lib Dems have exposed themselves as empty vassals [sic] astonished me so much that I shredded my membership card.

  2. Unbelievable! I blogged on this earlier today as well. Clearly Labour has nothing to say if it has to resort to personal insults, especially in a part of the country where there are a fair few Ginger people.

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