100+ More United volunteers back Sarah Olney in Richmond Park

When I wrote about More United backing Sarah Olney in the Richmond Park by-election, I commented:

As part of the support for her, More United will be encouraging its supporters to go and campaign in person… How many supporters it can mobilise will be an obvious indicator as to More United’s potential future impact on British politics…

If More United can mobilise such people in Richmond Park, then that will be a surer sign that it can indeed make an impact on the direction of British politics.

More United: what's your alternative?

Two groups of responses to the launch of the cross-party progressive political movement, More United, have particularly caught my eye. more

On that score, the outlook is promising as reports so far from More United’s action day today in Richmond Park is that over 100 volunteers have turned up. With that level of help, the organisation is aiming to end up leafleting around half the constituency which is the sort of campaigning intensity that can start to hope to make a difference. Especially when taking into account the further mobilising effort of lots of keen volunteers out campaigning and then sharing their efforts on social media about having fun:

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