Lib Dem Federal Board elections: two great candidates to vote for

Yesterday I mentioned two particularly strong candidates for the Liberal Democrat Federal Policy Committee (FPC) in the all-member elections currently underway:

I will do my now usual practice of highlighting a couple of candidates who are likely to be lesser known to readers but who I think will make brilliant FPC members. Apologies, of course, to those I judge (rightly or wrongly!) to be rather better known to readers and who would also display such brilliance.

The two are Jim Williams – one of the founders of the superb Liberal Britain movement which has shown just how to involve members more widely in policy-making – and David Weston – who combines a fearsome expertise in education with a canny understanding that policy making for political parties is about politics as well as policy.

With similar apologies to others I’d love to see elected, here are two I very much hope will be elected alongside me to the Federal Board:

Candy Piercy – a brilliant trainer, a wise and successful campaigner, an excellent team player and a greater fixer of problems. Co-author (with myself) of the party’s manual for election agents. Skills the Federal Board most definitely needs.

Elaine Bagshaw – been leading the rebuilding of the Liberal Democrats across a huge swathe of East London. Doesn’t just talk about how we need to rebuild, involve people and reach new communities – she does it.

And then there’s, um…, myself.

Lib Dem Federal Board Strategy Survey Button

Elaine Bagshaw Federal Board Manifesto

Candy Piercy Federal Board Manifesto

Mark Pack Federal Board Manifesto 2016

What does the Federal Board do?

Here is the official description of what the Federal Board will do:

The Federal Board’s primary role is to provide a strategic direction for the Party, using the Leader’s strategy as a base and scrutinising this where required. It is also responsible for updating that strategy where required, proposing any relevant updated or amendments to Conference. In providing this strategic direction, the Federal Board will also monitor the work of the other Federal Committees, to ensure these are all working in conjunction to achieve the Party’s strategic aims, as voted on by Conference. Members will also have designated links to regions and to SAOs, and are expected to listen, talk and work with their link organisations.

The Board is chaired by the President, who also sits on all the Federal Committees. The Vice-Chair, elected by members of the committee from among those directly elected by party members, is responsible for chairing meetings in the absence of the Party President, and for supporting the Party President in their capacity as Chair of the Federal Board, where appropriate.

And here is what I think the Federal Board should do…

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