The brilliant story behind Dorinda Cooper’s win in Tandridge on Thursday

Dorinda Cooper Wins In Tandridge Council Byelection
I’ve covered the Lib Dem resultĀ – with a large swing to the party – in a Tandridge Council by-election on Thursday. Not only are the headline figures secured by Dorinda Cooper impressive, there’s a brilliant story behind them.

Dorinda Cooper won the ward, becoming the new Liberal Democrat councillor:

Councillor Alun Jones explains the lead-up to that:

Back in June we had our focus posted through our door with #imthe48 written on it. She wanted to join, and as we live on the side of a hill with nearly 40 steps to the front door, we knew she was serious. And so we had another new member who joined after the referendum.

Last night, not even six months after joining the party, she joined me on Tandridge District Council as councillor for Caterham Valley. She won the seat with 444 votes, which was 219 more than the next highest vote (52%). The last time this seat was up, we only just held on by 24 votes. The Tories were fuming. They thought they would take it!

So a big well done to Dorinda who is with me in the centre of the photo, and a big thank you to Jill on the left who stepped down.

As a resident said to Alun after the result:

Congratulations on the win. I’ve always voted Conservative, but I voted for the Liberal Democrats for the first time ever this week. You do so much and have such a high profile in the town.

If you too want to follow in their footsteps, do take a look at the help and support with ALDC can provide. There’s also of course a certain book.

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