Remember! Close down your old accounts

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With computer hacking in the news again, now is a good time to think about checking any old accounts you have which are no longer being used.

Whether it’s a social media channel that has long been mothballed or a web service which is no longer used, leaving old accounts hanging around also means leaving sensitive data out there unnecessarily.

What to do if one of your social media accounts is hacked

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It’s better instead to go through the process of closing or deleting the old accounts, removing information from systems so that it can no longer be hacked and risk indirectly exposing other accounts. Even if you have always done the right thing of using different passwords for different services, the hacking of an old account often reveals other information – such as email addresses or phone numbers – which can be used by skilled hackers to get into other accounts. So best to tidy up after yourself when services are no longer required (and of course this applies to personal accounts just as much to work accounts).

Such good housekeeping is most effective when it is part of a wider digital security and management strategy, something which the Digital team here is of course very happy to talk about in more detail.

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