Thank you and happy new year

Many thanks to everyone who has been a reader in 2016, whether on this site, on email with Liberal Democrat Newswire and my email digests, on social media or in book format.

With Lib Dem Newswire‘s readership up by 41% over the year and as the year closes website traffic coming in at 42% up year-on-year, not to mention the engagement on Facebook often exceeding the combined total of Nick Clegg and Tim Farron (which, frankly, says more about the party’s untapped potential than about what I’m achieving),  I hope I’m continuing to provide something readers like. And the email replies remind me when I am not…!

Your time and mouse clicks (or rather, screen taps) are hugely appreciated, as is the very kind generosity of those who help with the costs of running LDN and the votes of fellow party members in our recent internal elections. Thank you.

May your 2017 be free of interview blunders like this, candidate missteps along these lines and political analysis of this sort.*

Thank you once again and, as this is the internet, here is a photo of a kitten waiting for 2016 to end:

* Unless you’re a non-Liberal Democrat of course. In which case may 2017 bring them all within the first week.

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