Two Lib Dem gains with massive swings kick off 2017 principal authority council by-elections

Liberal Democrat victorious campaign team in Sunderland
A massive swing in Sunderland as the Liberal Democrats win a win in which the party has never even managed to finish second, let alone win, before. Even with the election being caused by a Labour councillor being kicked-out of office for not turning up to meetings, this is a quite spectacular victory for Stephen O’Brien and the team:

Here’s what Stephen said during the campaign:

I live in Sunderland and am fed up with Labour-run Sunderland Council.

They waste our money on allowances, perks and meals for councillors – at the same time as saying there’s no money for services.

Only the Liberal Democrats on Sunderland Council are campaigning to end wasteful spending like the free meals given to councillors after meetings which cost taxpayers thousands of pounds a year.

I am fed up with Labour councillors locally too – they never bother to keep in touch. Electing just another Labour councillor won’t change anything on the council or in our area.

But if I’m elected, I will stand up to Labour’s wasteful spending and work hard to get things done for local people.
This area will never vote Conservative but we need an opposition vote on the council.

Only the Liberal Democrats can be this strong voice, standing up to Labour’s mismanagement and waste in Sunderland.

A rather petty note from Labour at the count too:

Labour’s candidate, Gary Waller, declined to comment following the result and before the result was announced Mr Waller refused to shake the soon-to-be Coun O’Brien’s hand.

Good news rather further south in England too – a second gain, this time in an area which has often been Lib Dem in the past but with a huge swing too:

Oh and:

Congratulations to Alex Michaels and the team.

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