Lib Dem tip #22: The special fund which helps weaker areas rebuild

Welcome to the latest in my series of tips and advice for Liberal Democrat members, which appear first in the email bulletin run by London Region for party members.

There’s a special Liberal Democrat financial fund dedicated to helping weaker local parties build up their strength and start fighting elections successfully. That’s crucial to building a sustainable and broad-based Liberal Democrat recovery.

Run by the Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors and Campaigns (ALDC), its Fighting Fund helps campaigners fight key local government by-elections and to get campaigns going in development areas.

Grants can be used for a by-election in a marginal ward that we stand a genuine chance of winning this time or within the next cycle of elections, or for supporting a new team to get going in a previously fallow area.

You can donate to the ALDC Fighting Fund here and you can find out about how to apply for support from it here.

You can read the full set of tips for Lib Dem party members here and of course for more advice on fighting elections, see 101 Ways To Win An Election.

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