Well done, Cornwall Liberal Democrats

I’ve often written about the importance of standing Liberal Democrat candidates in all elections. Of course, it’s not always easy to do so, which is why Cornwall Liberal Democrats deserve particular congratulations for standing a full slate of candidates for this May’s elections.

To do that has required running 123 (!) candidates. No mean feat getting all that sorted and done correctly, on time.

Also impressive is that of the 123, 31 are new members of the party, many fighting target seats. A good example of getting new members fully involved quickly.

It looks to me like this is the largest number of Liberal Democrat candidates which has ever been found for one council’s elections. Although back in the dim and distant past there have been some cases where more than 123 seats were up for election on a council, they never had a full party slate.

If you know better, do of course comment with a correction, or indeed if you know of any other achievements that should be cheered in fielding candidates this May.


3 responses to “Well done, Cornwall Liberal Democrats”

  1. Yes, very well done to Team Cornwall and to Jon Aylwin who has done so much to help get them into serious election fighting shape. We are all looking to you to deliver a massive repudiation to the Tories on 04May17.

  2. I am almost positive we will field a FULL slate of 78 candidates in Hertfordshire. Only us, lab and tories doing this, greens/ u kip about two thirds of divisions

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