Ukip candidate numbers collapse in England; Lib Dems and Greens up

Now that nominations are closed, numbers can be crunched for how many seats each party is contesting, along with how this compares with last time.

Here are the figures for England, showing what percentage of seats each party is contests and the percentage points change on 2013, the comparable previous year in the elections cycle.

Conservatives: 96% (no change)
Labour: 92% (no change)
Liberal Democrat: 80% (+6%)
Green: 54% (+16%)
Ukip: 48% (-25%)

The collapse in Ukip candidate numbers is particularly striking and follows several years of steadily falling votes in council elections.

The rise in the number of Liberal Democrat candidates is welcome, but as with most weekly round-ups of council by-elections the progress achieved so far also shows how much further there is still to go.

SNP: 626 (+13)
Labour: 453 (-70)
Conservative: 380 (+13)
Liberal Democrat: 247 (-9)
Green: 218 (+132)
Ukip: 44 (+7)

Labour: 944 (+38)
Conservative: 630 (+ 48)
Plaid Cymru: 577 (-5)
Liberal Democrat: 280 (-64)
Ukip: 80 (+56)
Green: 78 (+10)
Other/ Ind: 874 (-24)

2 responses to “Ukip candidate numbers collapse in England; Lib Dems and Greens up”

  1. Odd that in England Lib Dems see big increase in number of candidates but very different story in Scotland and Wales. Almost 20% drop in candidates in Wales!

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