Record-breaking membership for key Lib Dem body as party’s activist base grows

Rebuilding the Liberal Democrats involves not only a much bigger membership but also turning that into a much larger activist base too, something which Labour looks to have failed to do with its own previous membership surge.

It’s therefore very good news that ALDC – the Lib Dem support organisation for councillors and campaigners which any member serious about campaigning should join – has now topped 3,000 members:

ALDC graphic welcoming Susan Morgan as the 3,000th member

Susan Morgan was the winner in a recent crushing by-election triumph over Ukip:

I’m really pleased to have joined ALDC and to be their 3,000th member is a nice touch. My successful campaign to win last week’s by-election couldn’t have been achieved without the support of my campaign manager, Cllr Steven Lambert. His knowledge and experience picked up over almost 10 years of being an ALDC member, not to mention the templates and advice that he had access to through his membership, were key to me winning. I’d recommend other community campaigners, whether you want to be a councillor or not, should follow suit and join ALDC too.

Cllr Tim Pickstone, ALDC Chief Executive, has said:

This is the first time ever outside of a General Election campaign that our membership number has topped 3,000. It follows closely behind last week’s exciting news that our past 12 months have been the most successful year for Liberal Democrat by-election results ever with 33 gains. I’m really pleased Cllr Morgan won last week and has joined us to benefit from our advice, resources and training to help her be a real force for good on Aylesbury Vale District Council.

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