British voters CAN decide to drop Brexit – top EU leader

As I’ve pointed out before, there are routes for Britain to remain in the European Union, if Britsh voters decide this is what they want.

But now the European Parliament President Antonio Tajani has gone even further:

The president of the European parliament has said Britain would be welcomed back with open arms if voters changed their minds about Brexit on 8 June, challenging Theresa May’s claim that “there is no turning back” after article 50.

Speaking after a meeting with the prime minister in Downing Street, Antonio Tajani insisted that her triggering of the departure process last month could be reversed easily by the remaining EU members if there was a change of UK government after the general election, and that it would not even require a court case.

“If the UK, after the election, wants to withdraw [article 50], then the procedure is very clear,” he said in an interview. “If the UK wanted to stay, everybody would be in favour. I would be very happy.”

That’s an important point to consider for the general election given that Labour has given up the fight on opposing Brexit, even saying it is “a lie” to say that Labour opposes Brexit.

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