Lib Dem tip #30: Read Matt Singh

Welcome to the latest in my series of tips and advice for Liberal Democrat members, which appear first in the email bulletin run by London Region for party members.

It’s easy to get lost in believing just the good news about your own side, especially in politics – and all the more so given the natural instinct of people to share (only) the good news about by-elections or new opinion polls. Which is why it’s wise to read more widely as otherwise your political judgments and even campaign decisions get made based on a very distorted view of the world.

Which is where Matt Singh comes in. Expert analyst of polling and election results. Clear writer with sharp analysis. One of the very, very few who accurately predicted the 2015 general election result. And that expertise is all readily available for free via his website and his Twitter account.

Follow his analysis and your own political judgment will be much the better for it.

You can read the full set of tips for Lib Dem party members here.

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