How many Liberal Democrat Members of Parliament are there?

Liberal Democrat MPs January 2022

Following the North Shropshire Parliamentary by-election, there are thirteen Liberal Democrat Members of Parliament:

  • Alistair Carmichael, Orkney and Shetland
  • Wendy Chamberlain, Fife North East
  • Daisy Cooper, St Albans
  • Edward Davey, Kingston and Surbiton (party leader 2020-)
  • Tim Farron, Westmorland and Lonsdale (party leader 2015-17)
  • Sarah Green, Chesham and Amersham (elected in 2021 by-election)
  • Wera Hobhouse, Bath
  • Christine Jardine, Edinburgh West
  • Layla Moran, Oxford West and Abingdon
  • Helen Morgan, North Shropshire (elected in 2021 by-election)
  • Sarah Olney, Richmond Park
  • Jamie Stone, Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross
  • Munira Wilson, Twickenham

You can follow all of the Lib Dem MPs on Twitter here, or find out more about what they and the rest of the Liberal Democrats stand for here.

12 responses to “How many Liberal Democrat Members of Parliament are there?”

  1. Why oh why are you not making more noise everywhere in uk now that there is turmoil in the two main parties .
    You have a golden Opportunity now for the next few months till a general election is called as it will later this year to pick up votes from people who have lost interest in the two main parties !,
    Let your voice of moderation be heard !,
    England needs you !, well the uk needs you so stand up and shout !,

    • Suffolk Coastal and Waveney Lib Dems have just had a rousing meeting. Our PPC might easily topple the incumbent Tory MP. Many new members have signed up recently. One was a Tory until a few months ago. There are also several young and keen new members.

    • Michael Brewer – Why not join us??!! You want us to be heard more, well we are trying! But one thing is for sure: the more members we have, the stronger we are, and the louder we are. You obviously support us, so come on board and be part of us. You can then influence what we say and how we say it. Seriously – there has never been a better time to join this party. It only costs as little as £1 per month. If you don’t want to join as a full member you can sign up as a supporter. Go on. You know you want to! 🙂 https://www.libdems.org.uk/joining-us

  2. We need to preparing the British for a people’s vote especially now that Labour are saying this. Why present it that WE COULD HAVE A BETTER DEAL TO STAY IN RATHER THAN AN INADEQUATE DEAL TO LEAVE.

    The EU would surely be pleased if article 50 was revoked. However our relationship would never be the same again there are so many ways we could make things better for those who wanted to leave in 2016 addressing their concerns but still staying in the EU.

  3. The concept of a ‘whip’ is against the principles of a representative democracy, and so confusing to those who try to follow what is going on. We elect our MP to go to Parliament on our behalf, understand the issues, on our behalf, listen to the arguments, on our behalf, and then to vote as s/he thinks best for us and the country.?. nope, – skip the last bit, we then have them told how to vote by their party.. huh.??
    As well as being crystal clear about Revoke-Remain-Reform we should also be clear that we won’t have a whipping system and elected members all vote as their conscience tells them, on behalf of their constituency and the country..
    We lay out our principles, we should stand by them; on those principles are based all of our policies, and they are the reason why people join us.. Party direction is decided, democratically, by Federal Conference. The very idea of control from the centre, let alone from sponsors, is anathema to that.

    • Have just come across this site by chance and your comment is one of the best I have read anywhere for a long time. Well said.

  4. So that’s 21 MPs in your list now that Stephen Lloyd has re-joined the whip. these numbers, along with the recent Lib Dem success in the EU elections are important for ensuring we get adequate coverage in the election campaign under the electoral Commission’s ‘past electoral performance’ rules.

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