Election round-up: a bumpy 24 hours for Liberal Democrat candidates

Well, that’s been a bumpy 24 hours for Liberal Democrat candidates.

After the suspension of the Luton South candidate for antisemitism, the same again happened in Bradford East, but with the extra publicity this time of the candidate dropped being the former MP, David Ward. He was dropped as a candidate under the party’s rules for snap election selections and has also had his membership of the party suspended. Before this action was taken, Tim Farron had said:

I am fully aware of the comments David Ward has made in the past and I find them deeply offensive, wrong and antisemitic. I think his decision to stand again, and the local party’s decision to select him, is wrong and I disagree with it completely.

What can at least be said in both cases is that the party reacted fairly quickly in deciding to take action and then seeing it through, although there will be questions to ask after the election about how both cases arose in the first place.

Meanwhile, I previously reported that the Liberal Democrats were going to stand a candidate against the Speaker. No more, as Lib Dem Voice reports:

Today, Sarah Lowes took the decision to stand down in accordance with the convention that the main political parties do not oppose the Speaker.

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