Most people don’t recall Theresa May’s election slogan

The latest YouGov opinion poll asked people to name, unprompted, any Conservative or Labour election slogan they have heard.

No surprise that Theresa May‘s ‘strong and stable’ came out top.

But how many people named it? Just 15%.

Or to put it another way, asked to think of an election slogan, more than eight in ten people don’t think of ‘strong and stable’.

YouGov polling on voter recall of the Conservative election slogans

This is why repetition is so central to successful political campaigning. Most people, most of the time, mostly think about things other than politics. It’s what I call the women’s hockey problem and applies just as much to other aspects of politics, such as the number of people who don’t know the Lib Dem position on Brexit.

If you’re one of the 15%, remember – you’re not the norm. Most people are spending their time do other things than pay attention to what you probably feel has been remorselessly repeated. And whilst they are paying attention to job, life, family, sport, health and what the best bar of chocolate is, that repetition will keep on.


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