Gina Miller backs Tom Brake and Sarah Olney

Gina Miller, known for taking the government to court over invoking Article 50 and founder of the Best for Britain pro-European tactical voting campaign, is backing London’s two Lib Dem MPs, Tom Brake and Sarah Olney.

As David Hill reports on his site:

Tom Brake, defending Carshalton and Wallington. The only Lib Dem in town to survive his party’s meltdown two years ago, Brake has told On London he believes he faces an even bigger challenge from the same candidate, Conservative Matthew Maxwell Scott, this time. He’s in the anomalous position being solidly Remain in one of just five London boroughs out of 32 where a majority voted Leave. Ukip are not standing a candidate here in order to help the Tory prise Brake out of the marginal he has managed to hold on to ever since first winning it in 1997. Current majority: 1,510.

Sarah Olney, defending Richmond Park. A replay of December’s sensational by-election which saw the Lib Dem eject Conservative Zac Goldsmith, running as an independent. Local Tories, to their shame, have again selected the man whose equally disastrous London mayor campaign last year so soiled the Tory brand in London. “Zac is Back” their literature proudly proclaims. Astonishing. As before, the Greens and Ukip have opted out. Olney’s majority is 1,872.

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