Thank you for electing me to the Interim Peers Panel

Alongside the more important news of the election for Liberal Democrat Party President (congratulations Tim), today saw the count in elections for various party committees and bodies including the interim peers panel, in which I was standing.

Having set the bar at being elected equalling a good result, getting 100 first preferences a strong result and 200 first preferences a stupendous result, I’m therefore very grateful for all the votes which gave me 189 first preferences. Only one other candidate broke the 100 bar, and that was Sal Brinton with some style – at 228 first preferences.

Thank you to everyone who voted for me and also the many people who helped my campaign in one way or another. Congratulations too to Sal and all the other victors. You can get full details of the results here.

As the people who run elections usually only get attention when things go wrong, finally – thanks too to David Allworthy and Kate Heyword who administered the election very smoothly from what I saw.

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