“The Britain I love is open, tolerant and united. That is the country I want to lead.” – Farron’s closing debate speech

Here is Lib Dem leader Tim Farron’s closing statement from the TV debate tonight:

Here too are his earlier opening remarks:

I got into politics to fight. To stand up to those who take you for granted.

I grew up in Preston in the 1980s. I saw what happens when decent people are taken for granted by a heartless Conservative government. I am determined to stop that happening again.

The decent Britain I love is under threat. Theresa May – backed by Nigel Farage and Jeremy Corbyn – is going for an extreme Brexit deal that will damage our future for generations.

Don’t give up. The Britain I love is not lost yet.

No matter which way you voted in the referendum. If you care about our children, do not cut our schools. If you care about our elderly, don’t leave them on trollies in corridors. If you want Britain to lead the world, do not turn your back on it.

A brighter future is possible. The fight is not over. It’s time for some hope.

Featuring heavily in the debate, unsurprisingly, was Europe – on which subject:

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