VIDEO: Tim Farron – stop demonising immigrants

It’s fair to say that Tim Farron’s reputation amongst Liberal Democrats, and liberals more widely, took a bit of a battering during the 2017 general election. There were some moments, though, when he hit absolutely the right liberal note.

Moreover what he said then is still very relevant now, and this clip from one of the party leader debates illustrates:

I hope this is the Tim Farron we see more of when the new political season picks up again in September. At his best, he is a brilliant advocate for liberalism, and we certainly need more of those.

2 responses to “VIDEO: Tim Farron – stop demonising immigrants”

  1. Excellent Tim Farron speech, we need to gear more of him . If the Tories and Labour spent less time rubbishing Liberals and listened for once – they would learn about decency and common humanity . Unfortunately they would rather shout us down.

  2. We really do miss the passionate and clear direction that Tim gave us as leader. That is not to say that Vince is not good, just a different sort of leader. I, for one, would like to see Tim back on the frontline for our party, especially leading the charge for a People’s Vote. He would be really excellent in this role, and his energy would benefit the party’s poll ratings too! He is a Liberal Democrat that many in the party look up to, and indeed, the person that convinced me and many others to join the party. You are right to say that his reputation took a battering in the 2017, but I believe that he is a truly decent person, honest, thoughtful, compassionate, hard working and a true Liberal.

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